How Reading Can Help Your Child to Succeed

Books and stories now come in several forms, however, the written word as we know it has existed since the first century! These days you can read books in digital form as well as on paper, but this certainly doesn’t take away from the value and benefits that reading brings. As we grow older, it’s easy to forget about picking up a book or telling…

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Interview 101: A Complete Guide on What to Expect

Whether you’re in high school, college or you’ve even graduated university, job interviews can be tough when you’re not sure what to expect. But it doesn’t have to be. This infographic details everything you need to know from men’s interview attire to women’s attire. We even demonstrate tips along with supporting facts to help you create the best first impression.  

Custom Work: Splash Backs

We work in all things glass and sometimes our customers ask us for things other than glass wipe boards. Splash backs are very similar to our glass wipe boards and because we manufacture in the UK and have access to factory facilities with the latest glass processing equipment we can easily turn our hand to splash backs and other glass wall claddings to assist with…

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Production: Our New Spray Booth

Excitingly, we can now boast our new spray booth is up and running! Having a flawless painted finish can be a complex business, especially when every customer application, potentially, has its own set of special requirements. So naturally, we wanted a quality spray booth, providing a spacious environment and shadowless lighting to aid our family of expert spray-painters achieve the best finish every time. It…

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