Our Mobile Glass Wipe Boards have been updated

New Updated Moveable Board Design


Our moveable boards have been a popular addition to people’s working environments since we launched in 2012 but we though the design was due for an update.  We modernised the design to give a more streamline look with more glass and less frame. We’ve also added a second board so both side of the moveable board are now useable and what’s even better is we’ve reduced the cost so you get more for your money!

The four braked casters make the board light and easy to move and then secure in place so you can doodle and write away with the board running away from you.

Another added feature on the revised design is the integrated marker tray that is present on both sides of the moveable board giving lots of space to store plenty of pens and other wipe board essentials.

You also have the choice of making either one or both sides of the board magnetic – what more could you ask for.

The glass writing boards on both sides can be to any colour in our standard colour range, but if you prefer we can make them to a bespoke colour of your choice.  You can even have two different colours on either face of the board, the flexibility and choices offered with the revised design will fit to your exacting requirements.

The framing is a sturdy dark grey powder coated steel that will stand up to the rigours of any busy office environment.

We offer the board in a standard size which we think are the perfect proportions for a functional moveable board which is 1500mm wide x 1800mm tall overall, but again as we manufacture our frames and boards to order if you have a specific size in mind we’re happy to help you achieve this, just contact us via the website.



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