How Reading Can Help Your Child to Succeed

Books and stories now come in several forms, however, the written word as we know it has existed since the first century! These days you can read books in digital form as well as on paper, but this certainly doesn’t take away from the value and benefits that reading brings.

As we grow older, it’s easy to forget about picking up a book or telling a story, and that’s where National Tell A Story Day comes in! This day isn’t just for kids; it’s all about getting children, teens and adults reading, telling engaging stories and taking part in this age-old tradition. 

To celebrate National Tell A Story Day (October 27th) in the UK, we’re taking a wider look at the advantages you can experience by reading with kids, family, and friends.

The Benefits of Books

Reading is great for our early development as children as well as being beneficial for our wellbeing and happiness in later life. Reading can have a big impact on loneliness, income, confidence and more, that’s why it’s important to encourage good reading habits from early on.

Here are some additional facts about reading and how it can benefit you…


Why Aren’t Kids Reading? 

Research has shown that between 2008/2009 and 2017/2018, the number of children taking part in reading and writing activities decreased by 5.8% for 11 to 15 year-olds and dropped 4.5% for 5 to 10 year-olds. However, the number of hours kids spend playing games each week is rising – could this be replacing the act of reading? 

Reading can have a significant impact on the number of words you can recognise and understand, which is why it’s so important for kids and adults alike. But, it’s important to remember that books and words come in a range of forms, including e-books, tablets and smartphones. Therefore, these mediums might be more attractive to younger readers. 

What Are Kids Reading? 

Research shows that 82% of young people (aged 8 to 18) believe that the more they read, the better they’ll become! It’s important to nurture this interest so that kids and teens grow up to be keen readers and informed adults. 

For those that do read often, there are firm favourites as you move from year one to year eight. A study by Renaissance of over a million school children revealed which titles are the most popular:


What Are Adults Reading? 

Research shows that 31% of adults in England don’t read in their free time, despite the wide selection of gripping books and stories on offer here in the UK. If you’re one of those people, and you’re looking for inspiration for National Tell-a-Story Day, here are a few of the bestselling books of 2019 that you can share with family and friends: 


How to Help Struggling Readers 

For those with conditions such as dyslexia, reading can become a struggle and this can impact daily life. In these cases, it’s essential to find alternative ways of telling tales and making stories easier to understand. 

Different Ways to Tell a Story


Visuals and diagrams can help people struggling readers to piece a story together and create a mental image of what the story is about. Glass wipe boards are excellent tools to utilise when telling a story as they can be used to visualise and reiterate key events in the book, thus making them easier to understand.

Our coloured glass wipe board is a perfect addition to any home or classroom to help you tell your story this National Tell-a-Story day.  


Verbal or oral storytelling is a tradition that’s been around for centuries and it can be used for entertainment as well as education. Traditionally, it involves a storyteller telling a tale of events to a small group of people, and it would be up to the storyteller to capture the imagination of the audience and keep them engaged. 

As there are no pictures involved, the audience has to use their imagination and create visuals in their own head – making the experience even more exciting!

National Tell a Story Day Books & Activities

Despite a large number of adults admitting that they aren’t reading regularly, UK book sales seem to tell a different story. 184 million books were sold in 2013, whereas 190.9 books were sold in 2018, showing that, on the whole, more people are reading!

If you’re looking to start reading more often, we’ve created some excellent reading resources you can use with family and friends to make the most of National Tell a Story Day 2019.

Reading Exercises for Kids


Book Recommendations for Teens


Reading Activites for Adults


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