Glass Wipe Boards at Home

Our glass wipe boards are ideally suited for use in the home, particularly the A3 and A2 sizes. They will add a stylish yet functional family events calendar, appointment reminder or recipes glass board as well as complimenting your modern decor. 

The glass wipe boards can be mounted on a wall or tiled surface and come with high quality aluminium mounts and easy to follow fixing instructions.

Our Glass Wipe Boards will fit perfectly in a modern office environment and will take your client or staff presentations to a new level. The boards are a superior alternative to the traditional Melamine White Board for commercial use. We can supply our boards in white which is the traditional melamine approach, but most of our clients purchase their boards in various colours and use either colour or white markers depending on the colour of the board.

Online Store - Boards to Buy Now

Our range of different size glass boards are a top quality product. They are competitively priced and available in 20 sizes and 13 colours along with clear and frosted, all available to buy online today. The boards can be mounted on a wall and come with aluminium mounts and easy to follow fixing instructions.

Design Your Own Board

For something more bespoke in a special size or colour visit our Design Your Own Board page. Here you can request specific sizes and choose any colour you desire to match your corporate identity or office decor.

As an extra service we can also print your favourite image into the colour of the glass board for that really personalised look! And don't forget you can mount two boards side by side to cover larger areas.

Planner and Calendar Glass Wipe Boards

Glass Wipe Boards make superb work planners and calendar boards. We can print lines and text into the colour of the board and to follow a supplied sketch or artwork. It is recommended the lines in the planner are in one colour and the logo in a maximum of two colours. See the Planner and Calendar Boards page for more details on this product.

Magnetic Option

Our glass boards have a Magnetic Option, which is great for adding paper notes to your board.

Mobile Glass Boards and Easel Stands

We have designed and manufacture a moveable glass wipe board which comprises a steel framed unit on wheels making it easy to move around your space. It is a seriously high quality item and is ideal for businesses requiring extra flexibility.

We also have four types of Easel Stands in glass, oak, stainless steel and black powder coated steel.