Glass Wipe Boards at Home

We have a wide range of glass wipe boards that would make perfect additions to any home, with our A3 and A2 boards proving popular. These glass wipe boards will add a stylish yet functional twist to any room in the house. Use them as family events calendars, appointment reminders or even for remembering recipes in the kitchen.

Glass Wipe Board in use at home

All our glass wipe boards can be mounted on walls and tiled surfaces easily using the high quality aluminium mounts that we supply along with easy to follow instructions. All of our glass wipe boards are made to the highest quality possible, and are available in up to 20 different sizes along with 13 different colours, but if you’re looking for something bespoke and unique to you only, then check out our  Design Your Own Board page.

Glass wipe boards make superb work planners and calendar boards, perfect for any home. We can also print lines and text into the colour of the board, following a sketch provided to us by the customer, meaning all our boards can be designed specifically by you, for you.