Glass Wipe Boards for Education

Glass wipe boards are an incredible alternative to old traditional melamine white boards found in classrooms throughout the country. Replace those old stained white boards with one of our top quality glass wipe boards, all of which are available in 20 different sizes and 13 different colours, including clear and frosted.

All of our glass wipe boards are easily mounted to walls and all come with aluminium mounts and easy to follow instructions. Not only are our glass wipe boards easily mounted to walls but we also offer mobile boards and easel stands, meaning we can create your own moveable glass wipe board comprising of a steel frame unit on wheels, making it easy for use in classrooms and tight spaces.

Glass Wipe Board in use for education

Bespoke Glass Wipe Boards

If you’re looking to spice up the classroom with something a little more bespoke then look no further, just visit our Design Your Own Wipe Board page and get to work creating a unique, one of a kind glass wipe board. Designing your own wipe board allows you to take full control over specific size and colour, as well as the additional option of having your logo or crest printed on the board.

All our boards are made from 25% recycled glass and are all fully recyclable themselves, each one is precision cut using the latest computer aided cutting equipment to allow us maximum flexibility within the manufacturing process, so you know you’re only getting the highest quality product.