Mobile Glass Wipe Boards

If you want the freedom to move your dry wipe board from room to room, this is the ideal option for you. We provide several glass whiteboards on wheels, thus allowing you to transport your presentation board wherever you like.

High-quality Mobile Whiteboards

Just like our standard glass notice boards, our mobile glass whiteboards are made from toughened safety glass, and this is placed on a durable, stable stand. This means that you don’t have to worry about your whiteboard falling and posing a risk to those around it.

Our mobile boards also have brakes so you can keep them in one spot if you need to.

Magnetic Boards on Wheels

You have the option to make your whiteboard on wheels magnetic on one side or both sides. This is a practical option for those who want to stick notes and memos on their board.

Both our non-magnetic and magnetic whiteboards on wheels are available in a huge selection of colours. Browse the full collection to find the right option for you. 

£895.50 (£1,074.60 inc tax) £995.00  
  Our mobile glass wipe board is a great alternative for those you don’t want a wall hung board and would like something portable. The frame is manufactured in powder coated steel to a dark grey colour with four braked wheels and the glass writing surfaces are...

£805.50 (£966.60 inc tax) £895.00  
An exciting new product! Our mobile glass whiteboard is the perfect solution for those who need to stow away their glass wipe board from time to time. Our standard glass whiteboards must be fixed to a wall or flat surface, whereas, our mobile glass whiteboards can be moved around...